Tuesday, June 29, 2010



I cannot believe we are down to 2 weeks until Jacob graduates and comes to Las Vegas! There are actually 2 major updates in my life right now.

1. Jacob and I are leaving for Virginia on July 23rd. Ummm...that's soon.
2. My last day of work is July 8th! That's a week from Thursday! I'm excited because it means time is going by quickly, but it was kind of bittersweet telling my guards =( I'm gonna miss those guys, they're hilarious.

So...only one more countdown post and Jacob will be here!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Last night, Madeline and I went and saw Sex and the City 2...the movie wasn't too great, but the McDonald's we brought in our purses definitely compensated a little. I love when Madeline and I go to the movies...there is always some crazy person who sits by us who makes comments the ENTIRE time. In most cases, it's more entertaining than the movie. McDonald's and a movie has kind of become one of our "sister things" and I'm going to miss it so much in Virginia, because I know Madeline will always go with me to the crappy movies Jacob would NEVER want to watch. Thanks Madeline for a super fun night.



3 of the things I do to pass time!

1. Color in my Disney Princess, Dreams Come True coloring book.
2. Workout in the mornings.
3. Do lots and lots of paperwork for the pool!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Josh Turner Tickets!?!

Jacob & I just found out that Josh Turner will be performing AT the naval base in Norfolk in August...Guess who's going...US! I knew I would love Virginia!

Sam's Bridal Shower

On Saturday Sam had her bridal shower! The reality of all of this wedding stuff definitely hit us both! The shower was super fun and cute and Sam got lots of really cool things. Her new house is really coming together. Her wedding is now SIX days away! She is going to be such a gorgeous bride and I'm so happy I get to be a part of her big day.

I love you Samantha!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I totally forgot to do my 4 week post...so just pretend I put this up on Tuesday like I was supposed to! As you probably know by now, Jake and I are moving to Norfolk, Virginia where he will be stationed at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. So, I am going to list 4 interesting facts about Norfolk!

1. Norfolk Naval Base is the WORLD'S largest base of it's kind.

2. Norfolk is about a 3 and a half hour drive to Washington DC.

3. Norfolk is super close to Virginia Beach which is a major vacation spot, and it even hosts a surfing championship!

4. Norfolk Naval Shipyard is 2,486.95 miles from my house in Las Vegas. On the way we pass through Flagstaff (go figure), Albuquerque, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville (SO excited for that), and Knoxville.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Virginia is for Lovers...

So...the update is officially here...
I'm moving to


I cannot believe it! The East Coast? Virginia? What's in Virginia? What am I going to do in Virginia? What the heck!? However, despite my above mentioned concerns, I am very excited for this adventure. It is going to be something brand new for both Jake and me, and I like that we are going to have to discover it together.

Also, I may finally understand this:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jake's Light Hit

Jacob sent me a video of one of the hits he got during pool week. I think this one was a light hit meaning they just toss him around a little and mess up his air supply and he has to fix it.

Hopefully he'll be able to send me some more videos before graduation.
And, PS, he graduates in exactly ONE MONTH from today! =)

Hiking Cathedral Rock

Today Dad and I hiked Cathedral Rock...or we attempted to hike it. At the beginning we kind of took a wrong turn that led to some fairly interesting terrain for the majority of the time. We ended up scrambling across the mountain for a few hours but never really made it to the top. On the bright side, I'm tempted to believe that the route we took was much more exciting than the boring old trail. Also, I love Mt. Charleston, it is so green and pretty. On top of that, the weather today was perfect for hiking, we've had a small "cold" front pass through the valley so it was only about 55 degrees up on the mountain.

Dad brought along his GPS so we could track our progress.

This is the reason I love it up at Mt. Charleston. The scenery is amazing!

There's never a bad time for a photoshoot!

One of my many missteps that Dad caught on camera. Coordination has never really been a strong suit of mine.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I just wanted to take a second to say how much I love and appreciate my sister. She's my best friend and even through the worst times we always manage to find our way back to each other. I love you Madeline!

Diver Jake

Pool Week is OVER! Jacob did amazing and I'm so proud. Now, he just needs to pass one more written test and do a few more dives and he's done! (And, isn't he adorable?)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh, you make me smile

"I absolutely love you positively more than astonishingly anything."


5 more weeks until Jacob graduates. Time is slowing down and speeding up all at the same time. I can really feel the separation taking it's toll on us, but that just wants to make me try even harder to stay focused and positive. It's been over 2 months since we saw each other last, so I'm definitely ready for July 13th. Right now, I'm more excited about graduation than the wedding, just get my Jacob here already!

5 things I love about Jacob

1. He's not a quitter.

2. He texts me every morning so I can always wake up to a sweet message.

3. He's hardworking & dedicated.

4. He refuses to hang up without telling me he loves me, even if we're fighting.

5. He makes me feel like everything will be okay & he can hold it together when times get tough.

Needless to say, Jacob is incredible. Even though most days feel like I'm running the last leg of a marathon, he is always there to tell me to keep going. I know I never could have made it through the last 7 months without his strength

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pool Week

Yesterday Jacob started pool week! If (hopefully when) he passes, we get to find out where we are MOVING! AHHH! So crazy. I will definitely keep the updates coming...Here's a little pool week info for you.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We're down to SIX weeks until Jacob's graduation!

So, since I have been bad at updating my blog lately, I will fill you in on SIX new things that are going on with me:

1. I had my first weekend of work at Paradise Water Park. That was an adventure let me tell you. The pool gets so crowded and it is so big and so overwhelming. But, all in all opening weekend went smoothly.

2. Mom and I went to the cake tasting and picked out the most amazingly tasty cake in the universe. It is going to be fabulous.

3. Meghan helped mom and me move her couch into our house along with some other smaller furniture. We decorated and arranged everything and it looks awesome!

4. Sam and I have been trying to work out in the mornings and I love it! It feels so good to get up and accomplish something.

5. Mom, Madeline, and I met with the florist and discussed some really cool ideas. I had no clue there were so many kinds of flowers I could use.

6. I'm slowly transitioning back to blonde for the wedding. Hallelujah! Goodbye ash brown.

So that's it! I'm so happy that May is over, it felt like forever.