Friday, July 30, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner

I can't believe how fast it all happened once Jacob got to Las Vegas. Things were hectic almost immediately, but I am learning to love the chaos that is Foyston Family Gatherings. Anyway, the rehearsal dinner was Friday, July 16th and we had a bbq style in my backyard. I seriously couldn't have asked for anything better than that. Everyone got to relax and hang out. Jacob and I hung little lanterns and lights from the trees and patio covering and they looked so cute =). I loved the way everything turned out...except I hardly took any pictures! I'm sure there will be some circulating around somewhere. At least I hope so! Thank you thank you thank you to the in-laws and my parents for making my rehearsal dinner exactly what I imagined!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Don't worry, wedding updates are on the way!! But, if you know me you know that I have to do everything in order, so as soon as I get pictures organized I can report on the rehearsal dinner, wedding stuff, and all the other things Jacob and I have done since he got here! I'm impatient too, don't worry!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jacob is a Navy Diver!

Today is the day! Jacob graduated from Navy Dive School and he is on his way to Las Vegas!
Let forever begin!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Samantha's Wedding Day

Sam's wedding was June 26th and pictures are finally up!! I thought I better get blogging about her special day before we get to my own! Sam looked so gorgeous on that day and I loved being a part of every second! It is so crazy to think we are both going to be MARRIED!

In the dressing room waiting for the show to start.

The smokin hot bridal party!

I had so much fun and love love love Sam's photographer!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bridal Shower!

Saturday was my bridal shower and I loved it! All the people that mattered most to me (minus the Foyston's, but they'll be here soon!) were there and my mom, sisters, and Sam did such a great job decorating and planning. It was definitely my style. One of my favorite things we did was play a game where Emily asked Jacob a bunch of questions and then she asked me the questions in front of everyone and I had to guess what Jacob's answer was. If I got answer wrong, I had to put a warhead in my mouth! Gross!

That night, Kylie planned a mini-bachelorette party for me. She definitely knows how to throw a party. We danced to the pussycat dolls workout video, sang karaoke and opened tons of fun presents. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kylie for the fabulous party!

Did I mention we had to wear sexy pajamas?

Kylie used underwear as the decorations, so we modeled them!

Date Night

On Friday night Kylie and I went to wedding up by the temple. We used it as an excuse for "date night" and went to the temple grounds and took pictures while we were up there!

I think as time goes on, I am getting better and better with the self timer!

Friday, July 9, 2010

He Passed!!!

Jacob passed his last test!!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My fabulous going away party!

On Monday my lifeguards threw me a big going away party before I leave for Virginia. It was so sweet and thoughtful of them and I LOVED it! I was totally surprised and they are so sneaky.

Nicholas is the assistant manager at my pool and he is the bomb! He's coming in my suitcase to Virginia.

Kylie & I have been lifeguarding together since the beginning of time. She is the one taking over my spot as manager or Paradise, and there is definitely no one better for the job. Our best memories start with lifeguarding at sunset all those years ago, and look at us now, big time managers climbing the county ladder!

Royelle is the bomb photographer who organized our P-dise photo shoot! She's also going to come do some shots at my wedding and i loooove her! I'm also packing her for Virginia.

This is my little Jeremy. He worked for me last summer at Whitney and he is just the best. He will be in the third suitcase.

My guards always make fun of me because I like to bring my coloring book to work to pass time. So, they bought me this jumbo one for my road trip and they ALL signed it! Best present ever =)

Me and my boss man David...he's very depressed I'm leaving.

Thank you thank you thank you my darling lifeguards. My party was amazing and you all made me feel so special and loved! I'll miss you guys!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


ONE WEEK. That's it....just ONE and Jacob will be graduated from dive school! No more countdowns or long distance relationship. It will be OVER! I am so excited!! It has officially been 3 months since my last trip to Florida and I could not be more ready to see Jacob. 7 days...I just have to get through 3 more days of work...then meeting with the wedding coordinator Friday, bridal shower Saturday, clean/pack Sunday, and meeting with the DJ and photographer Monday and then...TUESDAY JULY 13TH!

I am so impressed with Jacob and how he has been doing since he joined the navy. He was a section leader (i think that's what it's called) at bootcamp, then he completed 5 weeks of predive in freezing cold Chicago and didn't drop the program (a lot of people did), then he went to Florida and rocked dive school. (He was one of the best in his class) Even with some ear problems along on the way that could have potentially rolled him back, he kept fighting and I am so proud to see him graduating exactly when he told me he would. I love and admire his dedication and unwillingness to give up until the job is done and done right.

So, the countdown posts are over, and starting July 13th, I may fall off the face of the blogging earth for a while, but don't worry! I'll be back with all kinds of new posts about the wedding, packing, road trips and everything in between!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sprinkle Lips

Emily is really good at doing crazy creative things with make-up...I don't think I've ever let her experiment on me though...until today! We had so much fun taking pictures of her masterpiece. And yes, those are sprinkles on our lips!

America's Next Top Model here we come!!

Late night phone calls

Can I just say how much I love late night phone calls? Ever since Jacob joined the navy, they have been very few and far between because he always has to wake up so early. I love how we talk about everything and both have so much more to say. We talk about life, how we met, how we got here, experiences we have, things we struggle with, what our life will be like in one year, 5 years, or 10 years. We talk about bad habits, our dreams, moving away, growing up, money, school, how much has changed and how much is still the same, old memories that weren't funny then but are now, love, anticipation, Virginia, what we would do if we could do it all again, the way we want to decorate our house, our family, diving school, paradise, taking a cruise to Hawaii, exploring, packing, things we agree on, things we don't agree on and how that's okay every now and then, phone plans, banking, roadtrips, plane rides, traditions, what marriage means to us, food, cooking, kitchens, and our new life together.

Last night, I had the best night's sleep I've had in a long time.

Happy 4th of July!

It's 4th of July! It is unbelievable how time goes by so fast but also so slow. I just wanted to take this day to recognize the pride I have for our country and our founding fathers who fought so hard for our freedom. And, of course, our brave military for continuing to protect those rights, even in questionable times like now.

One year ago 4th of July...9 more days!