Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Year

While we were in Las Vegas we had our one year anniversary. We didn't do much because we had so much going on with family, so we may have an official celebration later. But, it was still nice to spend time with each other and we did go ride the New York New York roller coaster a few times.
Happy Anniversary to us!

As soon as we got to Vegas we were off to Disneyland! My parents and Emily came with us on the first day and Madeline stayed with us for a second day!

Ma and me in line for Pirates.
Splash Mountain!
Getting a ticket...just kidding!!

And the ride photos....
Can you find us??

It was really nice to spend some time with my family and throw in a side vacation during our trip.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sister Shoot

Friday was Heather and Brandon's last night in Seattle =( It was so sad to see them go. But of course we had to have a photo shoot first.

Some of my nieces and nephews

Naval Station Everett

Jacob and I spent Friday morning driving up to the navy base in Everett. We were going to get our Disneyland tickets for next week and you get GREAT deals on base. The drive is only about an hour and really pretty. I liked the base so much more than the Virginia ones. It felt more like a college campus than a navy base. It was kind of cold and rainy and we had to walk on the base because our car doesn't have any stickers.

Lake Meridian

The lake that Haley lives on is called Lake Meridian. I swear that lake is all Jacob thinks about all year. He was pretty excited when it warmed up enough to take a swim with Tank...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pacific Science Center and Space Needle

On Wednesday we packed up and trucked back into downtown. I can't say I minded, it was a beautiful day and we were loving soaking up the sun. First stop Pacific Science Center!
Lying on the floor watching the Michael Jackson laser light show.
Pretty Sophia

Then we went to the top of the Space Needle. Since it was such a gorgeous day you could see for miles!
Somehow we ALL fit in a picture!

Argosy Cruise and Seattle Aquarium

On Tuesday we packed up the kiddos and headed for downtown Seattle to hit up the Argosy Cruises and the Seattle Aquarium.
Most of the group on the boat. That's a LOT of family.
Argosy flag in front of the Seattle skyline.

Me and my baby for the day, Adeline.

Modeling with Heidi.
Jacob and his mini me, Charlie.

After the cruise and some lunch it was off to the Aquarium!
4 of the nieces and nephews.

Jacob being a "diver"
Recreation Picture....

Adeline holding on for dear life.

Then we did a quick run through Pike's Place before we headed home.
Papa Foyston and me in front of the original Starbucks!

It was a busy and exciting day, and we were exhausted when we finally got home. And then we got up the next day and did it all over again =) You shall see....