Sunday, September 25, 2011

the pull incident

The dresser is coming! But I have hit about 12 speed bumps along the way. It started with changing the color, then trying to find knobs and pulls, finding knobs and pulls that didn't fit and now just taking a break because I am about to pull my hair out!!

It is SO close. But everytime something starts to look amazing it doesn't work out.

Today I went to an antique mall in search of the perfect pulls. I already knew I wanted them mismatched and figured that couldn't be too hard to find. Well. It was.

Antiquing is not for the faint of heart people.

Do you see the pulls and knobs in this picture?? I swear they are there.
how bout this one??
and I just found this one wonderfully ironic at the time.

But anyway...enough of my antiquing woes. I did learn a thing or too and I shall address that later this week.

So, after searching endlessly I found 3 mis matched vintage pulls {i already had one at home that came with the dresser} and 2 knobs. I get home, spray paint them, they look amazing, run them upstairs where I am staging the dresser and go know, they don't fit. Lovely.

Apparently my dresser does not have the typical hole spacing for pulls. My hopes and dreams are crushed. Really. The mismatched thing was going to work, trust me. But now I am settling for all knobs which I am still mustering the lackluster enthusiasm to spray paint. So that will get done tomorrow and very hopefully look charming.

And I will leave you with this last epic failure and hope you don't lose complete faith in my furniture refinishing abilities...
Ahhhhhh! I know. Trust me, I fix it.

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