Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feeling the Christmas Spirit

The other night Jacob took me the Garden Lights at the Botanical Gardens. The lights were so pretty and it was nice to do something relaxing but fun.

This one reminded us of Seattle. We miss it!
This was an "under the sea" display, it was the coolest one by far!
Santa taking off from an aircraft carrier.
Watering the roses =)

After we got home from the lights there was a package waiting for us from Las Vegas! My family sent over lots of presents for us, some to open now, and others to put under the tree for Christmas morning.
Zoey and me with our presents under the tree!
Jacob showing off some of his presents.
Our "2010" ornament. Such a sweet idea from Miss Jackie =) We totally love it and put it on the tree right away! I'm excited to start that tradition. It is crazy how much has happened in 2010. It was such a good night and really put Jacob and me in the Christmas spirit.
Zoey relaxing on the top of the of her new favorite places.

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  1. remember when we went to sedona lights?? that was fun!! i have some cute pictures with you! misss you!