Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 in Review

Every time I think back to 2010, I cannot decide if think the year went by quickly or slowly. Usually I tend to think quickly, but then I remember how the first 6 months were spent apart on opposite coasts, or how we drove ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY! So, in an attempt to really take in all that has happened over the past year, I am reviewing 2010, month by month.

When I think January, ONE thing pops into my head...Bootcamp Graduation! Let me just say, I thought it would never come! Chicago was cold and miserable but I was so excited to see Jacob after 9 weeks of nothing but letter writing and 3 phone calls.

I also was living in Flagstaff, starting what would be my last semester there, which I still can't believe sometimes. It was January that we had one of the biggest snowstorms ever!

I also visited Jacob the very last weekend in January, once again braving the terrible weather, and it was so worth it!

In February, Emily came to NAU with her choir and Amanda and I went to go see her perform.

Jacob sent me roses for Valentine's Day.

And....I went to go visit Jacob again =) That's when he gave me my new MacBook Pro. What a guy!

Lydia and Corey came to visit Flagstaff, lots of good memories.

Jacob graduated Pre-Dive School and got the heck out of Chicago, moving onto official Dive School in Panama City, Fl. (Upgrade!)

I turned 20. It was a pretty uneventful birthday to be honest, but Sarah and Amanda took me out for Thai food so you definitely would not see my complaining one bit!

Also, Amanda waxed my eyebrows and took some skin with it. =)

My late birthday present was a trip to Panama City to visit Jacob! I mostly remember how amazing the weather was, it was still early enough that the true humidity hadn't set in yet! Also, we walked 6 miles down the beach and got the worst sunburns ever! That trip was one of my favorites.

In April the Institute put on a huge volleyball tournament which was awesome!

Both of my sisters had birthdays in April and I was sad because I missed them =(

My last semester in Flagstaff was OVER! It was pretty bittersweet actually. But, my mom came up a few days early and hung out with me, let me stay in her hotel, and drove me to all my finals =) It was so fun and I was so glad she could find the time to come keep me company. We had a blast.

In May I bought my very first car! A silver Mazda 3 that would later get me and Jacob across the country =)

For my birthday, Sam got me tickets to Carrie Underwood, and in May the concert date arrived! it was really nice to have a girls night out together, before the wedding stress set in!

Early in June, Dad and I attempted to hike Cathedral Rock in Mt. Charleston. I say attempted because early on we had somehow abandoned the trail. But I think we ended up with a much more exciting, and beautiful, adventure!

Samantha's Bridal Shower!

Sam's wedding! I loved everything about being included in Sam's wedding and I was so honored to be her Maid of Honor!

I found out I was moving to VIRGINIA! Ah!

I had my last day of work at Paradise Pool. My lifeguards threw me one heck of a surprise going away party!

My Bridal Shower. I remember thinking..."how the heck is it already here!?" and at the same time..."FINALLY!!!"

Kylie threw me a Bachelorette Party!


We had our wedding and Jacob's entire family was in town! It felt like a big family reunion!

We started our drive eastward...

We arrived in Chesapeake, VA, found an apartment, and moved in.

We went to the Josh Turner concert and had the best seats you could ever ask for!

We went to the Darius Rucker concert.

We went to Busch Gardens.

We drove up to New York to visit Heidi and Jacob's parents were also visiting! That was a super fun trip!

I started school at Tidewater Community College.

Kylie came to visit me!

My Mom and Dad came to visit and I loved every second! I was so excited to show them where I lived. I wish they could have stayed longer!

We celebrated Halloween by carving pumpkins with our new friends, the Zinchini's!

We got Zoey.

I started working at Starbucks.

I made my first Thanksgiving dinner!

We got out first Christmas tree!

We took Zoey to the beach.

We had a huge snowstorm!

I came back to Las Vegas to visit!

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