Monday, January 24, 2011

Washington DC

For the first time since I started work, Jacob and I had a whole entire weekend off together. We were both just planning on running a few errands, hanging out at home, and watching The Office. But, on Saturday we decided we needed to take a day and head out to Washington DC. We had been putting it off because of the 3 hour drive, horror stories of terrible traffic, and because we hadn't had an entire day to spare. But Sunday we had nothing going on, so we woke up early and headed out. We hit zero traffic on the way in and out which was really nice, and cut the drive down to about 2 and a half hours.

At the Lincoln Memorial
On this trip we decided to just to check out all the major sites and just get a feel for the city so we could plan better for our next trip. We made it to the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Capitol, The Smithsonian Museums of American History and Natural History, and the Aquarium. The cool thing about DC is almost everything is free!
When we first got there, around 10am, it was FREEZING! It was really windy and bitter. That made the walking around less fun, but by the early afternoon the wind calmed down and the day was much nicer.
Jacob showing off the White House

Jacob's photography skills, he made me so proud!

It was a really fun, quick trip, and I'm glad we finally made it up there!

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