Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh's March.

I have no idea when February ended and March began, but here we are, March 5th! Right now all this means to me is that my birthday is in 23 days. And this year is going by very quickly. Jacob and I have been living in Virginia for over 7 months! SEVEN! I can't believe that. Some days it feels like we just got here, and others like we've been here forever.

In other news, our flights home are booked! It's officially official that we will be spending 3 military-free weeks on the West Coast this summer. By the time we get to Seattle it will have been almost 2 years since Jacob or I have been there. Now, THAT is crazy.

Anyway. Lately I've been helping Mallory remodel/redecorate her house, beginning in the kitchen. We painted the walls and sanded and painted the cabinets and put up a tile backsplash. That's right, we did all of that. (Pictures to come soon!) The point of this story is that I am getting a serious decorating itch that I cannot scratch in my apartment.

I am dying to paint a wall gray, perhaps in my bedroom with white linens and pops of color with my mantel shelf headboard.
Obviously, pops of color are a must.

A fireplace that I could fill with pillar candles during the spring and summer would be idyllic.

There are so many other things I want to try and do...if only I had my "forever" house and a winning lottery ticket.


  1. Love those ideas. And yes, color is a definite must:) Lovin your header picture

  2. Aww cuteness! That is so so so pretty!

  3. Thanks guys! header picture cracks me up on a daily basis! It's not every day you get a picture that so accurately depicts our personalities!