Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Words. Dierks. Bentley.

For my birthday, Mal and Joe got me tickets to Dierks Bentley! The whole show was General Admission so we took full advantage and arrived a solid hour before the doors opened. And let me tell you. Best Decision of our Lives. We were RIGHT up front and Dierks was amazing. Mal and Joe had been in Florida for 2 weeks and I left for Las Vegas the day before they got home so we were pretty much dying for something fun to do this weekend and DB delivered! We had the best time! My cheeks were killing me by the end of the night I was laughing and smiling so much.

And now for the best part. Dierks touched my hand! Oooh yes people! That has never happened to me at a concert before so it was awesome! Mal got a high five too and Jacob got a pretty solid fist bump. Joe didn't get in on the action quick enough, but we love him anyway.
I have no idea why this picture came out all weird, but the important part is you can see the hand touch.
The boys were having a good old time talking with the girls behind us!

Josh Thompson!

Yep. We were that close. Behold, Dierks Bentley...

We could touch the stage!

I just love my roomies! They are definitely our Virginia "family". Thanks Mallory and Joe for such an awesome concert! I have NO idea ho I am going to top this for your birthday...

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