Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blog Neglect

Wow...I didn't realize that I had be neglecting my blog so much! I've been doing 9-10 hour days at work and the weeks just slipped away from me! But that's okay because it means my vacation is THREE DAYS AWAY!!!!!! So freaking excited. We have had these plane tickets since FEBRUARY people. It seriously felt like it would never get here. Jacob and I have spent the last few days getting our lives together and running last minute errands to prepare. Being gone for 3 weeks is a long time ya know. And life in Virginia is gonna march right on without us. But I think we got things taken care of.

Also, another random update. My job at work kind of changed. Now I work more with kids in the daycare aspect of the Y. I am LOVING it. I had no idea I liked little kids so much. But I really enjoy hanging out with them every day. I was ready to move on from Aquatics so it worked out nicely.

Anywho, I'll do my best to update throughout the trip, but let's be honest. We're hanging out with family that we haven't seen in a YEAR soooo I might slack again. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS my sis in law Haley watches the Bachelorette because I would hate to fall behind on that while I'm gone! hah. Okay, rambling now. I guess I just missed my blog so much =( See you all in 3 weeks...Seattle here we come!

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