Thursday, June 2, 2011

June is here!

May seriously just flew by! I can't say I'm not happy about that because Jacob and I are leaving on our vacation this month!!!! We are both so excited to be heading back west to visit our families for 3 whole weeks! I'm just going to do a little May photo recap since I've been slacking on my blogging.

Mal and I did some serious gardening this month. Our original garden grew like a weed so we expanded it and planted some more stuff. We also redid the whole front yard planter.

We added everything on the right and the stepping stones.

In the front yard we planted gardenias, jasmine, hydrangeas, and some kind of lilies.

We spent most of our weekends at the BEACH.
We found a crab.

Zoey is still causing her usual trouble.

Mal and Joe got a backyard furniture set and Mal and I wasted no time in decorating the backyard and having a bbq!

Last but not least, Mal and Jacob played in a doubles Beach Volleyball tournament. It was really fun to watch them play!

So that's May in a nutshell! Now, bring on JUNE and our vacation!

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