Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Prissy Piggies Shoot!

I've been so so so excited to blog about this since the day it happened! One of the things I was looking forward to most when we visited Seattle was doing a photo shoot with this wonderful lady! Ever since I saw her work I was dying to get in on the action. {I admit, I had a little in, she's one of Haley's BFF's} So, I talked to her about pictures. Jacob was gone basically our whole engagement so we never got to do pictures. When Rachel told me she wanted to do a themed shoot I was sold! We didn't decide on the actual theme until just a few days before the shoot, but I thought it came together perfectly! We were working with a 40's vintage/The Notebook theme. This is what Rachel and her genius behind the lens came up with...

I just love them! Rachel was so fun and easy to work with and I will sell her to anyone who needs a photographer! My next goal is to work my booty off so next year we can do a boudoir session. Seriously absolutely gorgeous! Rachel, thank you thank you thank you for an amazing shoot! I cannot wait until our next one.

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