Tuesday, October 13, 2009


As usual my weekend in Washington was fantastic! I love spending time with Jacob and his family.

On Thursday, I got to Washington kind of late, but Jacob did take me for a McDonald's ice cream cone when he picked me up from the airport =] He's the best!

On Friday I slept in which was amazing. Then Jacob made me waffles and we went to meet Haley so I could hang out with her while he was coaching. We picked out a SUPER cute outfit for Adeline at the Rack that I love! After Jacob got done with practice we went to the mall to get my glasses fixed, and went out to dinner, and then got home in time to watch Say Yes to the Dress. I love that show, and I love Jacob even more for watching it with me! He even likes it a little.

The outfit we picked out for Adeline...so cute!

On Saturday, Jacob and I went into Seattle to the music museum. We had the best time ever in the Vocal room trying out the voice machine. It was hilarious! Then we went to this park with a crazy waterfall. I think it might be a famous park...and Jacob said something about a funeral(s?) being held there. I promise I was listening, I just forgot!

Saturday night Jacob had a football game, so I went to dinner with his mom. After dinner we went shoe shopping and to see Fame. There was a pair of heels I almost bought, and looking back now I definitely should have gotten them! Oh well! I had a lot of fun doing some "girl stuff" in Washington. I love spending time with Jacob, but it was a nice change. =]

On Sunday, Jacob and I went to church and then back over to Haley's where we all took the kids to a playground. I haven't been to one of those in forever! It was so much fun though. Haley and I tried to relive our playground days by flipping on the bars....I wouldn't recommend trying that. We were both sore and bruised the next day!

Racing Flynn down the slide. I shouldn't have picked the one with all the bumps...

I think Jacob may have outgrown the monkey bars.

As usual, I did not want to leave Washington! But, on the bright side Jacob is coming to Flagstaff in 1 week and 3 days! I can't wait!

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  1. I can't believe you're getting MARRIED! annnd I lovee your blog!