Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 means a new me!

Okay so maybe I'm a little behind on my new year's resolution, but the time has come! I am committing right now to making myself the best me I can be in 2010. I think that I have a little extra motivation this year's this little thing called a wedding, and it's accompanied by the most fabulous dress known to the human kind and lots of pictures. Knowing me, I definitely will not be avoiding the camera, so it's probably a better idea to make sure I look rockin while I'm in front of it.

Jessica Simpson will be serving as my inspiration on my journey. I always pick her when someone asks me what celebrity's body I would want, so why not reach for the stars right? I mean, c'mon, the woman pulls those cut-off's off like no one else. Rockin hot body, here I come!

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