Monday, March 1, 2010

No more Chicago!

I just got back from what was, hopefully, my last trip to Chicago! No offense to the midwest...but I do not particularly enjoy spending any part of the winter there. But, nonetheless, my trip was so fun. I got there Friday night and Jacob and I ordered pizza and watched a movie and went swimming in the pool in our hotel room!

Our rental car...Jacob wasn't particularly thrilled with the color. And let's be is kind of ugly.

Saturday we went and looked around the base and took care of some "Navy Business". Jacob also took me to see the NEX, which is kind of like a mall just for people in the military. Everything is a little bit cheaper, and there's no tax! We went to lunch at Olive Garden and it was so nice to just get to sit and talk and be together. I have learned to not take moments like that for granted! After lunch we went to the mall and shopped together...Jacob won a 40% card at obviously it only made sense to pick some things out. It was amazingly fun getting to shop with Jacob and hear his opinions and see what he would find to have me try on. I ended up brining a few things home...thanks babe! We spent the rest of the night watching the Olympics, critiquing the figure skaters, and having a McDonald's picnic (no visit with Jacob is ever complete without at least one trip to McDonald's...).

There were some girl scouts outside the NEX and Jacob and I both wanted some Samoa's (Carmel Delights for you Vegas people) but the booth was sold out! But that didn't stop us...we came back a few hours later. I guess we were a little over enthusiastic...but they were so good!

Sunday came way too fast, just like it always does. We had breakfast at the hotel really early...Jacob still functions on his military time which usually means I get woken up around 5am. After breakfast we took a nap and hung out watching the military channel until we went to Outback for lunch! Aussie Cheese Fries never tasted so good. A few hours later I was already on my way back to was a quick weekend, but definitely worth the trip.

And here's the best part! Jacob graduates from pre-dive on THURSDAY! That means he gets to go down to Florida...and leave Chicago behind! I'm very excited that he gets to get out of the cold and I get to visit him on the beach...hopefully soon!

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  1. valerie.. i am loving reading your posts about military cuz at the same time i am being educated in all this too.. i would never chose it for my lifestyle but i know you are soooo strong. anyways.. i work on a military base here in hawaii..the commissary and an NEX is in town too..with lots of other things.. .military life is so cool and interesting! they are getting ready to deploy soon! anyways.. its fun to learn a new lifestyle! .. and i will now think of you lots more as i continue to learn more about everything! im soo happy you got to see jacob!:) i love you!