Monday, August 30, 2010

Josh Turner and Darius Rucker

Jacob and I had an amazing weekend! We were able to go to TWO concerts and both of them were FREE! We saw Josh Turner (my favorite EVER) and Darius Rucker.

So anyone who knows me at all knows that Josh Turner is my all time favorite. I've been trying to see him live since his first CD came out...but every time he came to Vegas he was playing at a 21 and older venue. Then, the one time I was going to be able to go see him, I was in Chicago visiting Jacob, so that also fell through. The one thing that had me excited about moving to Virginia was this concert. And it was INCREDIBLE. Jacob had never been to a country show before and I can confidently say that I (with a little help from Josh) have converted him. We both had a blast. The best part was that Jacob doesn't mind waiting in line. Since it was a free concert we knew it would be crowded, so we got in line almost 4 hours before the concert started. It was a really nice day though, and we had great seats since there were only about ten people in front of us.
i LOVE him. If Jacob can have Carrie Underwood, then I definitely get Josh Turner. I think the only two men I love more than him are Jacob and my Dad.

Yeah...we were that close.

Then on Sunday we had Darius Rucker. It was a little hotter and earlier in the day which made waiting in line not quite as enjoyable. We both got some sun.

The way this concert was set up was there were about 30 rows of seats that people paid for and then behind that was the free section. Because of our enduring the heat and being in line early we were at the very front of the free section...
But then, about 30 minutes before the show, a man came up to Jacob and me and gave us two tickets for the front section! We were only five rows from the stage! I don't know what it is about us always somehow getting great seats...but I will never complain!
Our new seats!

I'm so glad Jacob is a team player and will wait in line with me, because our seats for both concerts were WAY better than we ever would have been able to buy. We had such a great time and can't wait until our next free concert!

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