Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wife Stuff

Moving into a brand new apartment with almost none of our stuff has been an adventure...and the best part is we still have no idea when our stuff is supposed to get here. Awesome right? But, even with all our empty rooms we are still making progress. For starters, I'm getting all set up with classes at Tidewater Community College. The best part is I can take all of my classes for the fall online so while Jacob is at work, I can be getting things done! The sooner I get my degree the better, right?
Also, on the more wifey side of things...I officially gave my first haircut! First of all, I can't even believe Jacob let me near his head with a razor, especially considering the only experience I had was a 5 minute youtube video on the topic. However, at the risk of sounding immodest, I think I rocked it! It was actually really fun and I can't wait to do it again! Plus, another added benefit is the money we'll save. It's not a whole lot, but considering Jacob has a job where clean cut hair is required I like to think I'm contributing a little!

Sitting at home all day while Jacob is one base isn't the most exhilirating thing in the world, but there are a few things that have kept me occupied. First is putting together furniture. We bought all of our furniture unassembled because it was cheaper and it fits in our small car. So far I've put together 2 dressers, 2 nightstands, 3 bookshelves, and a tv stand. I've also done a lot of cleaning trying to find places for everything we brought in the car so when everything else arrives there will be space for it. But most importantly, the thing that has been getting me through the days is Army Wives...yes the tv show. Jacob bought me the seasons so I could watch them at home. Obviously, once school starts that will keep me busy, but until then Army Wives has been keeping me company.

The other thing I love that I just discovered are the Fruitista Freeze's from Taco Bell. They are amazing.

Other than that not much is new here in Chesapeake, VA...just still trying to find our way around!

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