Friday, November 5, 2010

Holiday Fever

I was in the mall the other day and the Christmas decorations are up and all the department stores are ready to go. It made me SO excited to start decorating my house! But I'm TRYING to hold off until Thanksgiving, we'll see how long that lasts! In the mean time I found some super cute ideas. I'll just use one as a hold me over...
A shimmery stunner takes Christmas ornaments off the tree and onto the wall. Buy a straw wreath about 22 inches in diameter from the crafts store. Using 1/2 yard of white felt cut into 3-inch-wide strips, wrap each piece around the wreath, pinning to secure and overlapping the edges. Take assorted Christmas balls and attach to the felt with a low-temperature glue gun, using the smallest balls to fill in holes and gaps. This is also a great way to use older ornaments that may not look good from all angles. You can also add small stars, snowflakes, or other ornaments to give your wreath a unique look. Hang with wire, wrapped securely around "top" of wreath. (Note: You'll need to add the wire before you cover the wreath completely with ornaments.) I love this wreath because you can use it inside or outside! Also, it's not the typical pine wreath but you could still make it look traditional depending what kind of ornaments you use!

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