Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mom and Dad visit VIRGINIA!

Whoa, I've been slacking on my blog and there's a lot to catch up on! I promise to try and do better.

First of all, my mom and dad came and visited Jacob and me in Virginia! My mom was here for 10 days and my dad was here for 4. It was amazing! I was so happy to have them here and SO beyond sad to see them go home. Sometimes a girl just needs her mom around I guess. I hope eventually Jacob and I will be able to move a little closer to family. Here are some of my favorite memories from the trip:

Relaxing at home

Looking at the Battleship Wisconsin

The Great Dismal Swamp


Mom and I ready to go

Waiting in line for Panda Express on Grand Opening Day. It's the ONLY one in Norfolk.

We spent one morning at the base watching this ship come in.

Lunch on the river in Yorktown

Dad and Jake checking out one of the Pilgrim ships in Jamestown

A log canoe in the Jamestown Settlement

Outside Jamestown

We got our toes in the sand in Virginia Beach!

Sightseeing in colonial Williamsburg

Shopping in Williamsburg

I could not believe how quickly the time went by while my parents were here. We got to go check out a lot of cool things that Jacob and I hadn't seen yet. The weather was perfect the whole time and my mom even got to see some fall colors. I can't wait until they visit again.

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