Friday, April 29, 2011

Purse Withdrawl

Anyone who knows me will attest to this - I stop at nothing to find the perfect purse. I love purses. I love buying purses. I love carrying purses. I love putting everything but the kitchen sink in my purses. Now, let me say this. I cannot remember the last time I bought a new purse. If my memory serves me correctly it was when Jacob was in bootcamp. Over ONE YEAR AGO people! Clearly, I need to buy a bag pronto. Jacob does not share my opinions, and very openly opposes them as we walk through the mall and I stare wistfully into the bag department. Helloo...summer is coming, my black Jessica isn't fit for bright vibrant summery colors (although she is still wonderful, and she will be back again!) I NEED A SUMMER BAG AND MY HUSBAND THINKS I HAVE TOO MANY PURSES. (No such thing! Someone talk sense to the man!) And, while I admit I have slightly upscale taste in purses, it's nothing obscene. (Tell him what a Louie costs, quick!) Here is my list of very acceptable summer bags, although not necessarily displayed in the color of my choosing. to sneak one in without him noticing...

I present to you:

(This one comes in YELLOW! I so love yellow this year. I think it's because I'm no longer worried about it clashing with my blonde hair.

Must. Have.

This one comes in a lighter snakeskin...I could rock that.

See?? Sheer Perfection. Someone tell him I deserve a new purse, and that it doesn't matter how many I already have (and I did donate some to Salvation Army...that should count for something) sometimes a girl just needs herself a new purse!

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