Monday, June 7, 2010


5 more weeks until Jacob graduates. Time is slowing down and speeding up all at the same time. I can really feel the separation taking it's toll on us, but that just wants to make me try even harder to stay focused and positive. It's been over 2 months since we saw each other last, so I'm definitely ready for July 13th. Right now, I'm more excited about graduation than the wedding, just get my Jacob here already!

5 things I love about Jacob

1. He's not a quitter.

2. He texts me every morning so I can always wake up to a sweet message.

3. He's hardworking & dedicated.

4. He refuses to hang up without telling me he loves me, even if we're fighting.

5. He makes me feel like everything will be okay & he can hold it together when times get tough.

Needless to say, Jacob is incredible. Even though most days feel like I'm running the last leg of a marathon, he is always there to tell me to keep going. I know I never could have made it through the last 7 months without his strength

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