Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We're down to SIX weeks until Jacob's graduation!

So, since I have been bad at updating my blog lately, I will fill you in on SIX new things that are going on with me:

1. I had my first weekend of work at Paradise Water Park. That was an adventure let me tell you. The pool gets so crowded and it is so big and so overwhelming. But, all in all opening weekend went smoothly.

2. Mom and I went to the cake tasting and picked out the most amazingly tasty cake in the universe. It is going to be fabulous.

3. Meghan helped mom and me move her couch into our house along with some other smaller furniture. We decorated and arranged everything and it looks awesome!

4. Sam and I have been trying to work out in the mornings and I love it! It feels so good to get up and accomplish something.

5. Mom, Madeline, and I met with the florist and discussed some really cool ideas. I had no clue there were so many kinds of flowers I could use.

6. I'm slowly transitioning back to blonde for the wedding. Hallelujah! Goodbye ash brown.

So that's it! I'm so happy that May is over, it felt like forever.

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