Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hiking Cathedral Rock

Today Dad and I hiked Cathedral Rock...or we attempted to hike it. At the beginning we kind of took a wrong turn that led to some fairly interesting terrain for the majority of the time. We ended up scrambling across the mountain for a few hours but never really made it to the top. On the bright side, I'm tempted to believe that the route we took was much more exciting than the boring old trail. Also, I love Mt. Charleston, it is so green and pretty. On top of that, the weather today was perfect for hiking, we've had a small "cold" front pass through the valley so it was only about 55 degrees up on the mountain.

Dad brought along his GPS so we could track our progress.

This is the reason I love it up at Mt. Charleston. The scenery is amazing!

There's never a bad time for a photoshoot!

One of my many missteps that Dad caught on camera. Coordination has never really been a strong suit of mine.

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