Tuesday, July 6, 2010


ONE WEEK. That's it....just ONE and Jacob will be graduated from dive school! No more countdowns or long distance relationship. It will be OVER! I am so excited!! It has officially been 3 months since my last trip to Florida and I could not be more ready to see Jacob. 7 days...I just have to get through 3 more days of work...then meeting with the wedding coordinator Friday, bridal shower Saturday, clean/pack Sunday, and meeting with the DJ and photographer Monday and then...TUESDAY JULY 13TH!

I am so impressed with Jacob and how he has been doing since he joined the navy. He was a section leader (i think that's what it's called) at bootcamp, then he completed 5 weeks of predive in freezing cold Chicago and didn't drop the program (a lot of people did), then he went to Florida and rocked dive school. (He was one of the best in his class) Even with some ear problems along on the way that could have potentially rolled him back, he kept fighting and I am so proud to see him graduating exactly when he told me he would. I love and admire his dedication and unwillingness to give up until the job is done and done right.

So, the countdown posts are over, and starting July 13th, I may fall off the face of the blogging earth for a while, but don't worry! I'll be back with all kinds of new posts about the wedding, packing, road trips and everything in between!

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