Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My fabulous going away party!

On Monday my lifeguards threw me a big going away party before I leave for Virginia. It was so sweet and thoughtful of them and I LOVED it! I was totally surprised and they are so sneaky.

Nicholas is the assistant manager at my pool and he is the bomb! He's coming in my suitcase to Virginia.

Kylie & I have been lifeguarding together since the beginning of time. She is the one taking over my spot as manager or Paradise, and there is definitely no one better for the job. Our best memories start with lifeguarding at sunset all those years ago, and look at us now, big time managers climbing the county ladder!

Royelle is the bomb photographer who organized our P-dise photo shoot! She's also going to come do some shots at my wedding and i loooove her! I'm also packing her for Virginia.

This is my little Jeremy. He worked for me last summer at Whitney and he is just the best. He will be in the third suitcase.

My guards always make fun of me because I like to bring my coloring book to work to pass time. So, they bought me this jumbo one for my road trip and they ALL signed it! Best present ever =)

Me and my boss man David...he's very depressed I'm leaving.

Thank you thank you thank you my darling lifeguards. My party was amazing and you all made me feel so special and loved! I'll miss you guys!

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