Sunday, September 20, 2009


I just got back from Vegas with Sarah! It was such a great trip. Except...on the way there I got a speeding ticket =[ That wasn't so great. But it definitely didn't ruin the trip at all! When we got to Vegas, we went to the wax museum, which was so fun! Then we walked around the Venetian and the Wynn.

Saturday was a crazy busy day. We woke up and went with my mom and Emily to breakfast, then we looked at wedding dresses, printed pictures, bought a wedding planner and had the engagement dinner/dessert part thing. It was so nice seeing my family and friends, I only with Jacob could have been there. Engagement parties without fiances are sad. =[

This is the little centerpiece my mom made for the dinner table! So cute!

Today we got up and packed, went shopping, and hit the road! Road tripping with Sarah was so amazing, she's fabulous. We had awesome conversations and I'm so happy she got to come see my house and meet my friends. I can't wait until our next trip!

Sarah took this picture of my ring on the way back to Flagstaff...I love it!

Being back at school I've had to prioritize a little. I dropped one of my EMF classes so I can focus more on my business class and spanish so I can get into the Spanish Immersion program next semester. I really need to make sure I stay ahead of the game now. Also, healthy eating begins tomorrow! If I start now, I should have plenty of time to look good for my upcoming wedding =]
I love my family so so much. Going home to visit always reminds me how amazing they are. I am such a lucky girl.

More disney dresses... =] I just can't get enough! Plus, I like hearing Jacob's opinions.

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