Wednesday, December 2, 2009

27 minutes & 25 seconds

Jacob called today!!!!! I am so so so so so SO happy and excited that I got to talk to him, I was missing him so much. I had just finished writing a letter to him, ironically, when my phone rang and it was Jacob! And he told me we got to talk for 25 minutes. It was so exciting! I crammed as much as I could into those 25 minutes...(we ended up going two over, but that's okay!) He was so sweet. He told me that boot camp is going well, they're only allowed to take two minute showers (I can't imagine!), he loves getting letters and he's really proud of me. We talked about school and life and letters and everything we could think of. Hearing his voice was the most comforting thing I've experienced since he left. I love him in such ridiculous amounts! He still doesn't know exactly what happens with diving school yet, but he's hoping that they will tell him soon so we can plan our wedding! So pretty much, I had the best 27 minutes and 25 seconds ever today and I can't wait to go see him graduate!

Dear Jacob's Family,
Jacob also wanted me to tell you he loves you all SO much and he thinks about you guys and is really grateful for your support! He misses you all and loves you so much!

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