Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our first Snow Day!

A 24 hour snow storm just ended here in Flagstaff, and we got 24 inches of snow! I didn't have any finals, but school ended up being cancelled anyway. So, Amanda, Shawn, and I went shopping and ran errands in the crazy weather. It was a lot of fun, and really pretty to be out in the snow! We hung out pretty much all day until about 6pm when the school announced they would be closed to following day as well! That meant that my hardest final of the week was cancelled! And I get to keep the grade I had in the class! We took that great news and decided to celebrate. We went sledding! It was my first time ever and it was amazing! Playing in the snow was definitely wet and cold, but also definitely worth it. After about an hour and a half or so, the snow was not letting up, and if anything, falling harder so we decided to head back home. But, on the way home we got stuck. Twice. The first time only took about 5 minutes to get out of, but the second time we got in good. In the end we needed Brad Fox to tow us out, and it was cold and miserable. Luckily, we have some great friends and got out of there within half an hour. By the time we got home, there was a full on blizzard outside. We warmed up and hung out for a little bit before the day was officially over. I love snow days!

These are our "it's freezing out here!" faces.

Outside of our apartment complex.

So much ice!

Yes, we love pictures. Yes, we had a photo shoot in the snow.

Chillin with Shawn.

Outside of the mall, it was empty in there!

My beautiful roomie Amanda and I at lunch at BWW. We got a seat by the window so we could watch the snow.

Getting ready to go sledding! We matched!

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