Sunday, December 20, 2009

The One Where We Had a "Real" Date

For the majority of our relationship, Jacob's and my dates were sort of...not really date-like. (Our first date was Del Taco for Taco Tuesday if that paints any kind of picture for you.) So, after we got engaged we had a real date. We made dinner together and ate it with candles at his house. It was so much fun, and now Jacob writes to me about how he wishes we could be going on dates now that he's in boot camp. (I'll be keeping that letter to show him in 20 years.) This night was so much fun and I loved that Jacob was so willing to go along with it.

We started the night off right...engagement slurpees! Pina colada of course.

Apparently the girl is usually supposed to be the one cooking (don't tell the feminists I said that) But I got lucky with Jake. He always volunteers to be the chef.

Jacob's creating. He was very proud of his pizza, complete with chopped pepperoni.

Our candlelit table.

After dinner, Jacob and I played with our "Do you know your bride/groom" books and I tried on his old letterman jacket and we just kind of goofed around.

Jake doing his homework. He knew me pretty dang well actually.

Foyston sure does look good on me!

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