Saturday, December 5, 2009

The One On The 4th of July

We celebrated and set off the fireworks in Haley's backyard. It was so cool to see all the fireworks going off over the lake. The crazy thing about Washington in the summer is that it seriously doesn't get completely dark until at least 9 or 10! The weather was amazing and I had so much fun hanging out with Jacob and watching him, Jershon, and Kevin set up all the fireworks we got.
Earlier in the day, Jacob was swimming in the lake and Kevin gave me some of those little dynamite things and told me that since they had a green wick they would go off underwater. So we lit one and threw it at an unsuspecting Jake. (They don't hurt, they just pop and make some water pressure hit you, don't worry). With perfect aim, it landed within inches of him and it was hilarious when it went off. I amused myself that way for a good portion of the day. And, after all the fireworks were done, we all sat on the old dock and launched fireworks at each other under water where our feet were. It was really funny.

I really hope that when Jacob and I are married that there will be more 4th of July's like this one every once in awhile, and that we'll be able to go!

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