Friday, December 4, 2009

The One Where We Went to the Res

Before I knew it...okay actually it probably dragged on...but I was back in Washington for 4th of July with Jacob's whole family! And I mean whole family. I think there were 24 of them! 25 including me =] It was fun getting to meet everybody, but pretty overwhelming at first since my family is definitely not that size. It was one of my favorite 4th of July's ever though!

On the 4th of July, Jacob, Ralph, Flynn, Jershon, Chantelle, Brian, Broderick and I all went to the Indian Reservation to buy fireworks. I have never seen anything like that! There were firework vendors everywhere! It was so cool to walk around there, and we ended up with some pretty cool fireworks.

I found this box of fireworks that was pretty much my size. That's a lot of fireworks! This wasn't even the biggest box there...

It was Jacob's job to entertain Flynn while purchases were being made.

Some of our fireworks! (And a little of Chantelle)

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