Friday, December 11, 2009

The One at Six Flags

In August, Jacob came back to Las Vegas to help me move to Flagstaff. We had a few days before we were planning on going, so I planned to take one day to drive to Six Flags in California. We left pretty early in the morning, and when we got there it was HOT outside. We went on a water ride to cool off, but after two more crazy roller coasters, I was starting to feel the effects. Turns out I was dehydrated. Oops! Lucky for me, Jacob is super sweet and he let me leave to head home. I was bummed we couldn't stay longer, but I had a lot of fun while it lasted. Hopefully we can go back one day and try again.

California here we come!

Waiting in line...

Jacob's favorite roller coaster, Goliath. He saw it on the Discovery Channel once. I have to say, I was very impressed.

Batman...the ride that did me in. I was not in such great shape after that! Sorry Jake!

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