Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The One with the Surprise for Jacob's Birthday

Little did Jacob know...but even when I left Washington for 4th of July I knew I'd be back very soon. That was because I was planning on surprising Jacob in Washington for his birthday. Everything in the plan went perfectly. He had a game that day, so I knew he'd be pretty consumed with that. I called him on my way to the airport and told him I was going to work and he should call me after his game. When I got to Washington, his parents picked me up and off we went to the game. We were so excited for the surprise! What we all forgot, however, was that once Jacob's head is in the game, his head is not coming out of the game until the game is over. He is very competitive like that. So when he did tear himself away to acknowledge my presence, he just waved and went on with what he was doing. Luckily, Jershon picked up the slack, and was super excited to see me. Hahah. It ended up that I was really happy I went to that game because Jacob played really well. He even hurdled over someone while he was running the ball.

A photographer at the game caught it on film! Awesome, huh? I am blowing this picture up to give to Jacob for Christmas, and I'm letting him hang it in our house!

It was a really short trip, but definitely worth it. I can't believe I barely took any pictures that trip because my camera broke the day I got there! We found Jake's camera about 2 hours before he had to take me to the airport, so we did a quick photo shoot.

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