Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The One where Jacob Sings Karaoke

So I've been thinking about some of the things I can do to keep my busy now that Jacob is off at bootcamp... I decided to start doing photo memories. Whenever I get a chance I'll add a new picture of Jacob and me and talk a little about it and stuff. I'm going to start with the oldest pictures I can find and work my way to more recent pictures. I'm really excited for this!

Well, first of all, I think Jake is so adorable in this picture. This is probably one of the very first times I hung out with Jacob. We went with a bunch of friends to Granny's Closet in Flagstaff to sing karaoke after a dance at the institute. This is probably mid-February of 2009. Anyway, Jacob sang "My Girl" and jokingly sang it to me. Who knew right? He had a pretty big fan club there that night, I think he even contemplated getting a number or two. Luckily, he didn't. =]

So this whole boot camp concept is pretty intimidating. Jacob got to Chicago today and was able to call for about 26 seconds when he got to the airport. I can't believe it's all ready here! I remember when he first enlisted and we both thought that November seemed like FOREVER away. And now, here we are! I know it will get rough on some days, but he's worth it.

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