Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon

Okay, I admit it. I saw the new Twilight movie on opening day... =] I am happy to say that it was worlds better than the first one. I personally believe it's because there was less Edward. I used to like him, but in rereading the books and watching the's all about Team Jacob! And no, I'm not biased because of the name!

The rest of my weekend was actually really good too. Our house seemed really empty because Amanda and Deanna were down in the Valley for the weekend. I missed them. But I did get seasons 5 and 6 of Friends! I really just love that show so much!

Also, Gabe got into town on Saturday! It has been so great having him here! I also got to spend all day hanging out with Sarah. I love my friends! And! I thought of what I want to get Jacob for Christmas...and pretty much I'm a genius! I'm so ready for this week and to go home on Tuesday to spend time with my family!

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