Sunday, November 15, 2009

The One with the Easter Pageant

Last Easter Jacob, Gabe, and I went down to the temple in Mesa for the Easter Pageant.

I will never forget the drive down there. It was super snowy and the road was icy, and in an attempt to change lanes we slid on the road not once, not twice, but four times! Luckily we ended up right where we needed to be and Gabe stayed calm through the whole thing. When we got to Mesa the trip was more than worth it! The pageant was a great experience and it was fun to hang out with Jacob since we liked each other by then. The funny thing was, only Gabe knew. So we would act like boyfriend and girlfriend around Gabe but anytime we saw someone else we would act totally normal. It was so fun having a secret.

We snuck in a kissing picture in front of the temple. I love this picture, but I think it's funny that you can tell we're both still a little awkward. Ah, new love =]
This was from the same weekend as the Easter Pageant, I just thought it was funny. It makes me laugh when Jacob acts like this. He starts to get really ghetto on the phone with his brother.

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