Friday, November 6, 2009

The One where Jacob Slept in my Bed

I'm still trying really hard to get used to not talking to Jacob all the time! He called me on Wednesday night from boot camp. It was good to know he was safe, but it was really hard to hear him and he sounded kind of stressed out and definitely rushed. He said he won't be able to call for at least another 2 weeks, but I can handle that! I already wrote him a letter even though I don't know where to send it yet. My family and Jacob's family have been great. There's always someone to talk to which is really nice. I'm so lucky to be gaining such an amazing extended family.

Also, I quit my job because it's just not working out for me. I don't really like it that much and there are probably way better things I could be doing with my time. So that's what I'm going to do. My last day is November 18th.

Speaking of...I still can't believe it's all ready November! That's comforting in the sense that the next few months should go by quickly, even though I will really miss visiting Washington! Tomorrow I am going to try out my mom's chili recipe...I'm excited! It's one of my favorite things she makes at home.

Memory Time...

This was definitely NOT an uncommon occurrence when Jacob lived in Flagstaff. I would come home some days and find him napping in my bed with Glenn Beck on in the background. Sarah and I kind of got used to having him around. We were still just friends though and sometimes when he woke up we'd go to lunch.

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