Friday, November 13, 2009

The One with General Conference

Some would say this is where it all began. Others would say it was a long time coming. But no matter what anyone says, this is the weekend I will always remember the idea hitting me. The idea that maybe I liked Jacob more than the best friend he was quickly growing to be, and I could definitely tell that the idea was hitting him too.

On the way to Utah everything was pretty normal. I wanted a thousand pictures, Jacob put up with it because he loved me..."in a little sister kind of way"...

Jacob being his typical self. He was actually great to have at conference though. He got us amazing seats and explained everything to me.

So, Jacob and I had this thing where we could not let the other one remain too peaceful for too long. It somehow always resulted in a wrestling tournament of some kind. As seen here, Jacob usually had the last say.

This next bunch of pictures are by far one of my favorite Jacob memories. We'd been having a good weekend, but we decided to stay home on Saturday night while everyone else went out. The following are just a small selection from what ended up being about 75 - 100 pictures of our most ridiculous, and usually hideous, faces. We laughed for hours playing this game...

Tell me those were not attractive. I love that Jacob and I can entertain ourselves so easily.

Another fun little game of ours...pinch whatever fat you can find. Well played Jacob, well played.

By the time we had to leave Utah it had become clear to everyone that Jacob and I were pretty much inseparable. Were we still denying everything? Of course we were.

On the way home we found some cool caves to explore. We're still pretending nothing is happening. Clearly, it's love.

This picture has become a classic favorite of ours. We took it kind of as a joke and if our faces weren't blocked by the sun, you would be able to see me laughing and Jacob half laughing because I just blew a booger out my nose. We found this road a little outside of Page and it was basically carless except for us. We took the opportunity to stop and have a photo shoot.

That weekend at conference will always stand out as one of my fondest memories, which is why I dedicated so many pictures to it. And it's still not enough to show how much fun it really was. I always loved Jacob, he had been an amazing friend and was getting me through some pretty rough times. He was my rock and shoulder to cry on. I always loved him. It took Utah to show me that it was actually more that that.
I was in love with him.

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