Monday, November 16, 2009

The One where Jacob and I run up the hill to Lowell Observatory

There were probably about two weeks left in the semester, if that. Jacob decided we should go for a run, and I was excited/scared to accompany him. I mean c'mon people, the man was at NAU on a track scholarship...I usually only run if there's an enticing dessert dangling on a string in front of me. Anyway, I pretty much kept up, and Jacob was even a little impressed, until we got to the hill. That's when Jacob decided to run circles around me and be obnoxious with my camera...

Trust me when I say, that hill is a lot steeper than in looks.

At the top! I have to say I think we look pretty dang good for just finishing running up a hill.

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  1. Val only you could look that good after running up a hill. true story. sometimes it makes me sick to be your friend cause your so hot! but it is worth it... your getting married :) so i dont have to worry about it! haha Val your awesome! Love the blog! love lanae :)