Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The One when Jacob came to Las Vegas after Graduation.

It all seems like the blink of an eye even when I recount all of my memories with Jacob. Believe me when I say it felt even faster as they actually happened. Before I even had time to sit down and think about the last few months, the semester was over and Jacob was graduating. After graduation, Jacob and his parents came down to Las Vegas for a few days before going back to Washington. And that was planned before we were even dating! Convenient, huh? Now looking back I am so grateful for those extra few days. It was not until the end of semester hit that I realized how much I was going to miss Jacob. I would miss walking into my room to find him passed out in my bed while Sarah did her homework. I would miss awkward lunches in the union after his swimming class. I would miss him randomly showing up at my house. I would miss living across the street from him. I would miss those awful runs up the observatory hill. I would miss our walks around campus.

I guess I realized that I had been taking our time together for granted.

Anyway, when Jacob came down to Vegas I had a lot of fun hanging out with him and his parents. I'm so thankful that I got along, and still do, with his parents! I love them. Lots of people have told me I am lucky for that.

On the first night, Jacob and I toured the strip. We watched the Water Show at the Bellagio and went to the Wynn and Encore. I just liked walking around holding hands.

We went to church and matched. I love matching. I plan to do it often when we get married.

Sunday night I took Jacob to the Las Vegas Temple, and to the lookout where people go on first dates all the time. I had never gotten to go, but when I did, I had the best date ever! He was definitely worth the wait.

We went to the mall too. Jacob and I are really bad at shopping together. We're working on it!

At the end of Jacob's weekend, I took them to airport. I knew I would try to visit over the summer and that we would figure everything out. When I got home, I got back into bed, laid there for a minute, and all of a sudden I was so overwhelmed that I was crying. I was so sad he was really leaving!

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